first implant on front tooth

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    i had an implant first one of all time at age 5o yrs, i was told it was sucessful but when the final crown was placed there wasnt much gums or bone above front tooth to match my right front tooth i noticed this on my own but trusted dentist to procede the placement of crown to the implant[WHEN IT WAS SCREWED IN THE DENTIST SAID IMPLANT IS SOLID] but the crown sat on the gum not inside the gums like the flipper i had been using during healing. dentist said he wasnt happy with crown and would get a new one made . i am being sent back to the sergeon again and hes office said they will look at xrays to see what is my next procedure is. can they do another bone grafting to the area above the gum area and/or gum grafting too to make the look right? or am i looking at starting over with a new implant?

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