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    I had crowns on my top front teeth that were 30 years old and had separated. I wanted to get the space removed and was told I would need crowns on the front 4 teeth to close the gap. The dentist seemed very unsure of color etc so on the recommendation of a friend I switched dentists. I had a number of other crowns and the new dentist told me that my bite was off and that all my bottom teeth needed new crowns and the front 8 of my top teeth. I had a bottom tooth that had a root canal in it and while she was putting the temporaries on, she casually mentioned that I would need an implant on that tooth in the next year. So $20,000 later I have a nice smile but the tooth with the root canal is too high, I went in 3 times to get it adjusted, after the third time she took a mold that showed that it was still too high, she didn’t fix it and referred me to her husband who is an oral surgeon for the implant. She had taken a CT scan and was going to send it for my consult. She also mentioned that my nerve is quite close to the tooth with the root canal that they want to remove and do the implant. I got to my consult appointment on time, waited 75 minutes and during the consult found out that he never received the scan. By the way, when she did the temporaries for my bottom teeth, it was to be done in 2 appointments, the first lasting 2 1/2 to 3 hours. She said it was going well so she wanted to finish. I was in the chair from 8:30-3:30, by that time I was freezing, shaking and weak. They had to give me oxygen, apple juice and a blanket. I have never in 64 years had a minute of dental anxiety until now. I am petrified and angry.

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