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    I am posting this here for Terre.

    Hello- Unfortunately I have had several dentists over the past few years, the first placed 6 implants but no crowns until I paid for everything then I went to another dentist who pulled all the remaining teeth because he said they were loosening. He did not place implants at the time preferring to let bone grafts heal, instead had a denture made which is impossible to eat, speak, or smile with. They are so loose and poorly fitting I am afraid of them falling out despite trying powder, paste and strips. Also there are 2 holes in top one where there was pressure so he filed it down. I am very upset but trying to stay calm and plan my next move. Should I wait for gums to heal before getting implants or come to Europe for consult with hope of getting work done now. I have a Ct scan done in Jan 2014 and a few xrays. I am prepared to have all the work done as soon as possible. Thank you.


    Hi Terre,

    If you have had bone grafts then it is important to allow them to fully heal. This gives the grafts time to integrate with your natural bone so they will be strong enough to support your implants. I’d advise against hurrying the process as placing the implants too soon will increase the risk of failure, even though I can understand wanting to get the work completed as soon as you can. Instead, ask your dentist if anything can be done to help your denture feel more comfortable or to make it fit a bit better.

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    There is a lot of different routes implants can take. You can have them placed immediately after an extraction if its a front tooth but if you have severe infection or bone loss a graft may be totally needed. Then it depends on the size of the graft and type. It could take 2-6months of healing of the graft prior to implant placement.

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