How Long to Wait Before Installing a New Implant?

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    “I am posting this here for Frank Lutz.”

    At the end of 2013, a crown that I had (one of my front, top teeth), came out. A trip to my general dentist in early 2014 determined that the crown snapped off at the gum line, and that I needed an implant. The periodontist removed the infected root. After months of healing, an implant was performed. After months of healing, the new crown and abutment was installed. Two months later, the implant itself was loose, the gum line sore, and a massive infection developed. We’re now into 2015, and the crown, abutment, and implant has been removed, and at the same time the area was shored up (to make the canal where the implant was smaller), and then membranes and bone grafts were performed. Finally, I don’t know how many sutures were needed.

    Summary: the original crown broke at the end of 2013, and now in 2015 I am back to square one. How long do you think I should wait for the next step, that of installing a new implant? The first time around we waited about four or five months. At this point, I am willing to wait at least a year for full healing, and then another year after the implant is installed. I don’t want to go through this again should the second implant also fail. Does this sound reasonable to you?

    I forgot to mention: we are taking about tooth #6, a canine tooth. Also, EVERY tooth on the upper mouth has porcelain crowns on them, and the bottom teeth are all being ground down due to the hard porcelain opposing teeth. Thank you.

    * except for the upper molars – they are gold crowns.


    Hi Frank,

    I’d follow the advice of your implant dentist as to how long to wait before placing another implant. They will be able to assess your bone graft and can tell you when the area is ready for further surgery. I’d also ask if they have any suggestions about how to avoid infection in the future so you can give your next implant every possible chance of success.

    Best regards,



    A lot of things need to be considered before getting a set of new implants. So its better to have a talk with your dentist before proceeding with the idea.


    Both implants can be done at the same time after the 4 months of healing.

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