I Use Dentures Instead of Dental Implants to Save Money

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    I am posting this here for D.R. who submitted this suggestion to those who want implants but don’t have the financial means available to them:

    Hey people, I’ve had to have all my teeth pulled back in 1995. My dental insurance only paid for half of my dentures the rest I had to pay cash. I had replacement dentures at least 3x over the years. Now I’m retired and on Medicare which pays nothing for my dentures.

    My suggestions to all of you is if you can live with dentures go to Affordable Dentures. $395 full set economy or you can upgrade to porcelain. Still under $1,000 for a full set either way you can’t go wrong. Economy usually will last about 4 years.

    If you don’t and break them, porcelain set will last you a lifetime. They don’t wear down you just need a reline as you age. And you can get your dentures in an hour at most sites. And there is no taxes. So why waste your money on screw ins and traveling to other countries????? I customized my most recent set with porcelain (ultra) and paid $985 flat in cash which was still less than 50% of insurance cost back when I had insurance.

    Don’t just take my word for it. If you customize expect to come back in for a try on before they set them. Generally within 2 weeks. My fit was so good I don’t use paste or gels and I’m a foodie – I chew a lot and eat hard food like nuts & candies. To clean your new smile use stain away denture cleaner you can get 80 cleanings for less than $6 at your CVS store and it only takes a 10 minute soak. I know, I’m a smoker. Well best wishes to you all. Hope this de-stresses your wallet so you can enjoy other things with your money.


    This is a good idea only with one advantage and many disadvantage.The only advantage is that you are saving money ,other disadvantages :your are loosing all your life and health, where you are not able to eat many things with the denture that may affect your health, you are destroying your jaw one by the dentures( kill your bone by yourself),as dentures can not chew and cut food very well so you may get many problems with your stomach and GIT system and so problems will increase all over your health then you will spend more and more money to regain it,but at that time mostly it is not possible.
    Dr. Samy


    Hi, I think there are several prices and different kinds of implants. Of course there are lots of pros and cons in every choise. Anyway, it is a matter of choise, many people live with Dentures with no problems. If you want more information, serach online for blogs like Zerodonto, and for specialists like Eric van doren, Syephen Chen, Sasha jovanovich, Mauro Fredaini, Domenico Massironi and Gaetano Calesini. They can surely help you to understand the differences.

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