Hard Lump on Bone Beside Implant?

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    In January, I cracked my crown on a tooth I had a root canal on 10 years ago. I went to the dentist where a new crown was placed. Prior to the new crown being placed I had absolutely no issues with this tooth. Shortly, after the crown was placed the tooth began feel strange when I would chew on it, like it was high or swollen. I went back to the dentist several times where he assured me that the crown was placed perfectly and I should be having no issues.

    In May, I made another appointment because it still did not feel right. This time I was told that I had a cavity in the tooth in front of it. That was fixed. Mind you, while all this was going on after my crown was placed it was drilled down too much and there was a gap in between the new crown and the tooth in front of it. I constantly had food getting stuck in between these two teeth. I did make another appointment and the dentist added composite to the tooth in front of the new crown so there was no longer a gap. In June, I went back again, this time the dentist tells me there is an infection below the tooth under the root. He sends me home with Clindamycin which never cleared it up. I finally made an appointment with an emergency dental doctor on a Saturday and he informed me that the tooth needed to be removed, he then said however make an appointment with an endo and make sure it cant be saved.

    I made an appointment with an endo and he said that the tooth was fractured and needed to be removed. I then made an appointment with my general dentist to have the tooth extracted after the endos suggestion. The dentist had a terrible time removing it, he stated that the tooth had a hook on it and was deeply attached to the bone. It took this man 25 minutes of drilling and pulling and using all kinds of tools to get the broken pieces of root out. He then placed the implant and bone graft right after the tooth extraction, with the infection still in the bone. He stated it would be fine and the infection should go away on its own. A couple days after it didnt feel right, I went to my dentist and he prescribed me penicillin VK 500mg PO QID.

    I finished the antibiotics and i still had this very strange hard lump on the left side of my bone next to the implant. I made another appointment and he stated I really dont know what that is, the bone graft looks good, theres no infection around the implant, however theres some strange darkening color in the bone on the xray that he couldnt rule out was infection or nerves. He prescribed me clindaymin once again 300mg po QID X 7 days. On Friday the area still felt odd, I am not having a lot of pain, it is more like strange sensation in my jaw bone and occasional throbbing inside the hole where the implant is. I am terrified of osteomyelitis or an infection in the bone that is not osteomyelitis that just never cleared up.

    I went to the ER Friday evening and the ER doctor told me that if I had osteomyelitis Im pretty sure I would know it by now. He suggested I continue taking my clindamycin and go back for more xrays to compare a now and before. I am concerned mainly about the hard lump on outter L side of my lower jaw adjacent to where the implant was placed and the minimal swelling around the tooth in front where the implant was placed. Occasionally I will get this sharp pain inside the hole where the implant is, I also have some itching around my jaw area. Any idea what is going on here? Or am I over reacting to symptoms of the area healing?

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    Sorry to hear about your problems. I’d suggest listening to the advice of your ER doctor and I’d continue following up on further x-rays until you get a satisfactory answer for the darkening color in your bone and the hard lump. It is possible that the area is still healing but for your own peace of mind you want to know for sure.

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