Implant and block graft failed…now what

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    I live in Alexandria MN and have been dealing with my “special needs teeth” for a while.
    Here’s a quick summary
    2011–root canal in lower front tooth
    July 2014–tooth broke off under gumline
    September–root removal and cadaver bone graft
    January 7 2015–implant placed
    January 31–implant failed and removed by oral surgeon
    February 2015–cadaver bone graft
    July 2015–cadaver bone graft and adjacent tooth removed
    November 10 2015–block graft–stitches came loose twice, gum tissue left open to heal–scheduled tissue graft for January
    January 2016–could not do tissue graft–block graft failed due to being attacked after bacteria got in

    My surgeon and dentist and I are trying to figure out what next step to take.

    I do not smoke. I do not have diabetes or a thyroid problem. I am in good health. My most recent blood-work with my medical doctor came back with excellent numbers.

    What could be an underlying cause to these instances and what could be a next step? I can’t keep putting my body through this.

    My oral surgeon hasn’t made me pay for hardly anything since the implant failed. We are all confused and frustrated.



    It sounds as if your surgeon is being very reasonable and is trying very hard to fix this for you. Would they be able to use a different kind of bone graft material? Have they discussed your case with colleagues who might be able to offer some insight? Otherwise, I’d get a second opinion from another oral surgeon, to see if they can suggest a way forward.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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