What Brand of Dental Implant Do I Have?

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    “I am posting this here for Brent Christenson .”


    I have dental implants for both my lateral incisors (7,10) that never grew in.  I believe I got the implants in 1994 in my late teens.  I got them done in Salt Lake City by an oral surgeon named Dr. Andersen, that’s all the information I can remember.

    The implants have chipped (my bad) and are now loose, and are not the right size anymore, so every dentist I go to keeps asking if I want to replace the crowns.

    I decided to have them replaced.  My dentist removed one of the crowns and is confused with the implant system used.  He asked if I can contact the person who put them in 20 years ago (laugh) to find out what brand they are.  I have no idea.  So I am writing this with a missing tooth trying to figure out what “brand” of implant I could have recieved all those years ago…

    I’m no expert, but the dentist says it is “hex” shape implant.  The abuttment is looks like a cut-off sharp bamboo stick, metalic silver.  The screw that holds this thing together has no common fastening system, or way to tighten it because the is a round hole on the top (not standard, phillips, hex, etc…).

    Does anyone have any idea what brand this implant is?  I hope my dentist can find out, otherwise he shouldn’t have attempted this procedure knowing how old it could be and how young and inexperienced he is.


    Hi Brent,

    This is a tricky one as there are so many different implant systems that can be used and it sounds as if yours is one that isn’t that well-known. The best I can suggest is contacting the American Board of Implantology/ Implant Dentistry or the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, or the International Congress of Implant Dentists to see if someone can identify your dental implant.

    Best regards,


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