implant failed after dental mold got stuck and was yanked out of my mouth

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    Had 7 implants put in. 1 on the bottom failed, which we were taking a chance on anyway. They had to do the mini’s and 2 regular on top. They were unscrewed and ready to be loaded. x-rays were taken Dr. said everything was solid. Took an impression to get ready to load denture, well the mold must have set for too long and they could not pull it out my mouth. After 2 people braced themselves down, they finally yanked it out of my mouth so hard the crown flew out of my mouth, and i came out of the chair and started crying. Right after that i started having problems with the implant and it had to be removed. I already had dentures that never fit right so I Spent $18,000.00 to put these implants so i could cut the pallet out and have just the teeth, because my mouth is hard to fit a denture, thats the only reason i spent this much was to get rid of the pallet, otherwise i would have just got a new denture. now because i donts have enough implants to take out the pallet, im still stuck with a full denture that moves if i bite wrong. My dentist says him pulling on the implant had nothing to do with the implant failing. when i asked him why it was so strong before, he had no answer. could you please give me your opinion?


    I’d agree that removing a mold shouldn’t have been enough to cause an implant to fail, presuming it had properly fused with your jawbone. Ask your dentist to explain why the implant failed, whether they think it could have become infected or had failed to bond with your jawbone, or if it failed for some other reason. They will have your medical history and your x-rays and CT scan, so they should be able to work out what went wrong. Have they suggested reinstalling the implant? This is often possible once the site has healed. Otherwise, get a second opinion from another implant dentist.

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