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    I had an implant with bone graft that was rejected after 2 months.
    can the dentist reinstall the same implant without bone graft within 15 days from the date of rejection?

    Lillian jan

    Hello marceldaher,
    I think you must ask it to a specialist about this if you need to know the exact solution as “reinstall the same implant without bone graft” is not an easy task. So my suggestion is to make an appointment with an expert as like I did before.

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    You must have a very clear idea about this complicated procedure. So my advise would be to have a detailed discussion about this with your dentist!


    I am Dr. Samy. A rejected dental implant means complete failure. Implant should never ever be used again. Mostly inadequate procedure or an infection occured at place of implant and bone graft.


    Thank you all for your kind attention and your valuable recommendations which I shall act upon
    God bless you all
    best regards,


    Hi Marcel,

    I’d agree with Dr. Sammy as you cannot reinstall the same implant once it has failed. At the very least, the implant site will need time to heal and must be properly evaluated to see if a bone graft and re-implantation with a new implant can be attempted at a later date. It would also be useful if your dentist could tell you why the original implant failed.

    I hope you find a good solution.

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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