Can’t Afford Implants to Replace Teeth Lost to Disease – Please Help

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    I am posting this here for Sharri.

    Hi my name is Sharri and I am a now single mom with 2 children. I used to have a beautiful smile after my parents spent thousands to straighten my teeth. When i was young i had two surgeries to correct what the dentist then called a receding gum. Neither surgery worked and one of my front bottom teeth had a receding gum so bad the root remained exposed for 30 years before rotting from the root and then getting so loose it finally fell out, then only a couple years later the one next to it fell out too and no only one year later the one next to that one is getting loose.

    I have not had dental coverage during my entire adult life and during this time i had several fillings fall out, causing my teeth to slowly rot. At forty six i have one molar top left one top right and one bottom right rotting from 30 year old filling that have fallen out. I did finally go see a dentist case the pain was unbearable and the salvation army was going to help me it didn’t exceed what they were allowed to spend.

    After getting x-rays and talking to the dentist i found out that the reason for my bottom teeth falling out was not just receding gums at all but a much more serious disease that actually deteriorates my jaw bone slowly causing my teeth to slowly one by one fall out and in order to stop it the affected teeth need to come out so as to stop the spread of disease through my entire mouth and after a all damage is done i won’t even be able to eat unless i get implants due to jawline becoming terribly uneven. Even implants will have to be custom made to fit an already uneven front bottom line. As of a couple months ago when i saw this dentist i need 7 or 8 teeth pulled 3 of which are half rotted out which may require oral surgery due to only a small amount of tooth to grab to pull out. And one unaffected one (Molars) and 3 of my bottom teeth which have already began to suffer bone loss and will eventually fall out anyway and one tooth needs a small filling then i must have a cleaning by a periodontist due to my teeth not being cleaned for years before getting the implants.

    Then four bottom teeth and 4 molars spread out through my mouth one top left two top right and one bottom right will need implants in order to eat with out pain. Right now i cannot chew on my right side due to excruciating pain and on the left i have some pain that gets worse as time goes by and soon i wont be able to chew on either side. The pain on the front bottom when the bone deteriorates so bad that the tooth begin to loosen hurts terribly for weeks until the tooth finally falls out and i am in the process of losing the third and for weeks of this pain till it falls and this will go on one by one till i lose them all unless the work i need gets done. Because i cant afford to begin the preparation for implants consisting of extractions.

    Fillings, root canals and cleaning by periodontist all totaling about $4000.00 alone to prepare mouth for implants i haven’t been able to price the implants but my guess is close to $30,000.00. And i don’t want to pull out the teeth unless i am gonna get the implants in case the two bottom teeth missing now has made me so depressed because my self esteem is almost non existent. I am also mentally disabled and i have RA which eventually will cause physical disability as well over time.

    With all these medical problems too i have even gotten so depressed i have contemplated …well having kids who depend on me alone keeps me going but my quality of life isn’t good because i am so unhappy with my appearance. Here in Texas medicaid (insurance i have) covers $500 worth of dental work per year but only regular cleanings. Extractions that don’t require surgery and cleaning by hygienist. So when i go once a year i only get x-rays and told each time what needs to he done that i have to pay out of pocket for. What’s the point except each year get told how much worse off my teeth are from last year?

    I don’t like to ask for help but in my situation its the only way. Please help… I am desperate…….supporting two kids on disability with no help financially its impossible to save.


    Hi Sharri,

    I am very sorry to hear about your difficult situation. Thank you for taking the time to provide all of the details about yourself and what has happened to your teeth to date.

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading this page to find one or more methods of saving money on implants that work for your situation. Getting work done at a school of dentistry or paying for the work with a financing plan can both make implants more accessible.

    In addition, have you considered any non-implant alternatives to implants? I was unable to get a completely clear picture of which teeth will need to be replaced, but removable partial dentures or fixed bridges would definitely be cheaper in any case and would function and look better than the rotting teeth you talk about. And from the sounds of it, getting those rotten teeth out of your mouth should be done ASAP!

    My last piece of advice is to consider starting a fundraising campaign using a website like or and ask you friends, family, local churches and any online communities you’re a part of to donate towards your dental work. Be sure to write a clear and detailed explanation of your situation (like you did here) and let people know how new teeth will positively impact your life and the lives of your kids. Having a link to direct people to when you post on a website makes it possible for people who feel like helping to donate to your cause.

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