Dentist Made Me Pay for an Implant that Wasn’t Part of the Plan

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    I am posting this here for Barbara who submitted this story using the comment form.

    I went into dentist for two implants and a bridge on my lower jaw. I paid ahead for that procedure, when the dentist was done said she put in 3 implants and I owed more money and walked me into the office for more money. She never mentioned more implants while I was in the chair. I will not be going back to this dentist ever again when I am finished with these implants. Be so careful when you choose a dentist.


    Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing your experience and I am sorry to hear that your dentist was so dishonest. You’re right that it’s extremely important to be careful when choosing a dentist, especially for a big procedure like implants.

    Would you like to anonymously say where you got the implants done and who the dentist was who made you pay more money for an implant you didn’t agree to? Sharing these details would be a huge help to other people who visit the Dental Implant Cost Guide and reporting incidents like yours also helps hold dentists accountable!

    For people who don’t know how to find a dentist that they can trust, check out our guide to learn what questions to ask and what to look for.

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    You should have asked him explanation for all that. And it is your decision to ask him put the implants done, not his. So, next ask for a written prescription which every dentist provides before treating you.


    Hi Barbara,
    So sorry to hear of your experience with this dentist and I agree this should not have happened. Your dentist should have provided a written treatment plan that included a breakdown of all the costs. In addition, the planning procedure before dental implants would have enabled them to calculate the correct number required. I’m not sure where you are located, but I would suggest contacting the dental association for your country and asking them for advice. They will be able to review your case and help resolve this issue.

    Walter Kerman

    Hi Barbara,

    I too had the same experience in my life. Since I had severe pain,
    I happened to visit a dentist few months back. Before starting the treatment payment was fixed. I even agreed to pay him the amount. But as the procedure started, he began to extend my treatment hours. Moreover the treatment was not that effective and he started demanding more fees. So I decided to consult some other dentist nearby. Later I came to know about Dr. Dan Hagi, Thornhill smile centre, Toronto. After consultation he confirmed that dental implant should be done He also made me aware that the previous doc whom I was consulting was cheating me by prescribing other treatments. I became relieved and I went for dental implant. Thus I could complete my surgery in 2 months at affordable price. Now am very much satisfied for choosing him for my treatment.

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