Missing Lateral Incisors and Primary Pre-molars

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    I’m 17. I have congenitally missing lateral incisors from maxillary arch. I have just found out about this when I lost a primary pre-molar. Both my 1st pre-molars on the maxillary arch are primary, there’s no secondary tooth growing out, I have extracted my right premolar after it decayed but the left premolar is fine and still there. My canines have replaced where the lateral incisors are located. The thing is, every dentist says I should get braces but I’m trying to avoid braces as much as possible. Can’t I just get dental implants on both my primary pre-molar positions and have them shaped as canines and have my canines shaped as lateral incisors?

    I’m currently wearing dentures as a temporary fix for my missing pre-molar for the past 3-4 months. Will my canines shift the longer i wear my dentures? Since I cannot have implants until I’m 18.

    Why is braces the “solution” for me?

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