Mouth Sores from Rubbing Braces

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    I am a teenager and have got my braces but after few days I have got many cold sores against my lips and inside my mouth. I have Tried lots of remedies like salt water but no use Is this some new problem created? Please advise me on the same.


    Dental wax is used to cover the braces to prevent rubbing. These are easily available at most pharmacies. It is a soft mouldable wax that can be press over the areas that are rubbing. This will stop friction and allow the sore areas to heal.
    Warm salt water is good to use but if it doesn’t work then go for 50% warm water with 50% hydrogen peroxide rinse for a couple of times a day; especially right before bedtime.
    Visit your dentist if the problem still persists.


    Sores caused by braces are common. There are many cures available. One of the most effective way is to use an orthodontic wax. Apply this wax would help ease the sore!


    A certain orthodontic offices actually give a cream for the sores as well as the wax. I’m sure you can find it at a pharmacy.


    hello rahulsharma
    i think you should discuss this problem to your dentist as soon as possible otherwise this become big problem because your braces irritates these sore and then occur inflammation.
    Periodontal Diseases



    There are many products and home remedies that you can use to feel better. You have to avoid acidic foods like tomato products or you can use dental wax. But it is also important to visit your dentist to treat this problem or you can even go for a Dental Tourism Abroad.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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