Pain When I Bite Down?

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    I went through the full procedure of a rear molar implant with sinus augmentation everything went fine. when the dentist installed the temporary cap and i started to use the tooth i developed pain whenever i bite down.his xrays and the periodontist’s show everything is ok. He thought i might have a sinus infection. I went to my ent and got a ct scan everything is ok everyone say’s everything is normal but whenever i bite down on the tooth i get sharp pain???


    I’m so sorry to hear your implant is painful.
    I’d ask your implant dentist to re-examine the implant and old scans and to take fresh scans if necessary, just in case the implant is too close to a nerve. It is also possible that the temporary cap was placed too soon, before the bone had a chance to fully heal and is rather sensitive whenever you bite down. Check that the temporary cap is not too large or too high as this will interfere with your bite, increasing the pressure on the dental implant whenever you try to chew.


    I totally agree with AskAli. I suggest you to consult your implant pain with your dentist. Similar kind of situation was happened to my brother when he started experiencing excessive pain after the implant process. Proper medication and dental treatment and thankfully he has recovered now. I hope my advice will help you. Get well soon.

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    If you feel a painful sensation when you bite, you must get in touch a dentist before it worsens. Professional dental care is a must in these cases.

    Dr Motiwala

    After each surgical stage, some level of pain and distress is not out of the ordinary. Taking after dental implant surgery, your dental practitioner may recommend a pain reliever to ease the distress. After this your pain is worse than you go for another professional dental implant surgeons who would have the expertise for such complicated procedure.

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