Perimplantitis and Nerve damage after implant

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    I went for two lower right jaw implants January 26, 2016. Second molar and second premolar I believe. I had persistent numbness after the surgery, lips, chin, cheek on that side. As the numbness reduced a bit, severe pain persisted for weeks throughout the area, running along the nerve, upper molars ache, lower jaw aches, teeth are sensitive on that side. Jaw joint is swollen and throbbing. The numbness mainly in front of the premolar but still present now, lip and chin. I suffered with this pain for a month. It seemed to be reducing somewhat so I was waiting it out. I finally went to the implant specialist and had them look at it again. (I had already had a followup in that month and a second xray, where nothing was found.) I was initially told at my 2 week follow up that the intense pain and numbness was normal and likely they stretched a nerve. That it would go away eventually, but the implants looked good. After two more weeks, the pain had dissipated some but was still there, numbness too. I noticed red blotches on my gums also so I decided I needed to see them. They did a cone beam xray and found nothing on it, but upon looking at the gums, found severe bleeding, pockets, deterioration etc ( Something like peri-implantitis.) They immediately removed both implants. The premolar was completely loose and showed bone deterioration. The back molar was still set in place at least somewhat. There is serious recession of the gums on the adjacent teeth and the gums look horrible.

    They are not very informative or forth coming with information. It has been three days since the removal. The numbness is still there and the pain has only subsided some, but is similar to what I already described. I would like a second opinion as to what happened here. I know I have nerve damage, but am not sure why I have the gum deterioration. They plan on waiting a month then trying a bone graft and repeating the procedure. They suggested it could be an allergic reaction to metal, never mentioned peri-implantitis or infection. I really believe it was negligence on their part.I believe the premolar is the main problem, that it had been resting on a nerve the whole time and became infected. I have serious gum recession in two of the adjacent teeth also. It looks terrible and is scary. Can you explain the pain, numbness and “Perimplantitis”? Please help!! Thanks for reading the whole thing.


    Sorry to hear about your pain, and that you have been unable to get a satisfactory explanation from your dentist. An allergy to the titanium alloy used in dental implants is very rare but not unknown and could cause symptoms similar to peri-implantitis. If they suspect this, then you need to know what they intend to do to ensure it doesn’t happen again when the procedure is repeated. It is possible to use zirconia dental implant posts that are metal-free but still extremely strong. They should also talk to you about your pain and numbness, whether they think this is permanent and how they intend to approach replacing the dental implants so it doesn’t worsen any nerve damage. If you can’t get a good explanation from them, seek a second opinion before undergoing another dental implant procedure. You might also want to ask for a referral to a pain clinic so they can help you manage any long-term damage to the nerves.

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