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    I am posting this here for Gwendolyn who submitted this using the comment form.

    This is to all you wonderful dentists. Like the rest of the medical maladjusted deities who feel that the average person can have your service. I have and choose to have no insurance, but that should not stop me from having affordable dental or medical treatment. I don’t mind paying for treatment, but you have out priced to all that could use your services that have to pay out of there saving. I will go on living without the tooth I need to chew properly. As your oath say do no harm you forgot all the people that have to pay thousands of dollars a year in insurance to use your practice. The AMA is a sad group of people.


    I am also searching for the dentist like this in my locality. I would like to thank the members for posting the details. Could you please produce some more attachments regarding this? Thanks in advance.

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    I just would like to share and say that anyone can make tourism and have dental implants in his/her mouth with totally about have the price in USA.


    I agree that dental treatment can be very expensive. I imagine a dentist would argue that they have spent a lot of time and money, and hard work on their qualifications and dental materials and equipment are very expensive to buy. My best suggestion to anyone looking for affordable dental care would be to contact dental schools in your area. Appointments will take longer but students are closely supervised. There may well be a charge for treatment but costs will be lower. Dental tourism might be worth considering, but bear in mind that if anything goes wrong then you may have trouble getting it put right.


    Dental treatment gets expensive mainly because of the high fees of the dentists and the expensive equipment. This makes it not affordable!


    the prices of equipments are really high, but dentists in US and europe get very high fees.


    All thanks to the dental toursim I had my implants done in India. The cost of single implant in my country is approx 1800-2000$ whereas I got them done in one of the clinics in India at 300$. Also the dental clinic provided me with free accommodation as well. And speaking about my treatment it was very much painless with few sores in the mouth. I had it done in last Jan and till now haven;t faced any issues.


    Thailand is one of the best countries to offer dental treatment. With technological advancement and extremely qualified dentists, this country provides the most effective solutions to all dental problems. Average Cost of dental implant in Thailand is less as compared to other countries like US, UK and Australia.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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