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    Monroe ,NY
    I am dentist shopping for a trip to coasta rica. i have done much research about getting treated abroad. I submitted my xray to 4 of the best dentists in coasta rica. After years of failed rootcanals , cavaties , gum disease and eventually a failed 4 tooth bridge i am now seeking implants that will hold a hybrid bridge to replace my upper arch. i am considering 6 implants and completed with a full contour zirconia prothesis. 3 of the dentists had almost identical treatment plan suggestions, as described above. the fourth , however , included sinus lifts which was surprising considering the others made no mention of anything beyond bone grafting. the sinus lift is a big addition so i was hoping to get an unbiased opinion about the sinus lifts. how can i post a picture?


    I’d think the fourth dentist has made this recommendation based on where they wish to insert the dental implants, so if their treatment plan is slightly different from the other three, then they could intend to place the implants near to the sinus cavities. In this case, a sinus lift could well be needed. However, if their implant placement differs from the other three dentists, I’d question why they wish to insert the implants near to the sinus cavities and why they feel this treatment plan is advantageous. If the other three dentists also intend to place dental implants near the sinus cavities but all feel a sinus lift is unnecessary, they I’d ask them why they don’t feel a sinus lift is needed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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