Still in Pain 10 Weeks After Implant Placement

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    I am posting this here for Lippy.

    Implant Discomfort after 10 weeks – dentist can’t see a problem.

    He took xray and found nothing wrong and says he’s never come across this problem before. Sent me away and said it is prob where the crown was pressed into the gum and to give it time to heal.
    There were a few problems with this implant whilst going through procedure. First part was fine. Second phase, Then the screw head snapped off. Then he couldn’t get screw out and had to send away for special tool. He sent for two different tools in case the first one didn’t work -only one came.

    I said that maybe we should wait until the back up tool arrived. He said no,no, this will be fine. Drilled down again, and…guess what…he couldn’t gets screw out. So I had to be put back ‘together’ as temporary measure and wait. Went back and managed to remove the screw – YAY!!
    With all the stress and strain to the crown – it had cracked !

    Wait again for new one. 10 weeks later it is uncomfortable .. Pressing down is ok, but pressure from back with tongue or pressed from front – it feels tender.
    I saw from xray that the post is on a slight angle compared to the one next to it. Asked him if that may be the reason ? He said no,no, that’s ok. I don’t know what to do now ??? Second opinion ? I don’t have any more funds to start going somewhere else. Help/ advice please. Thankyou


    I know I’m probably too late on this but….Please read up on peri-implantitis. Watch for signs of gum disease and excessive bleeding in the area. You shouldn’t have pain something is wrong. I’m learning the hard way. I’ve got serious gum damage from waiting for pain to stop for just a month right after implants. Wouldn’t hurt to go to a periodontist or another implant specialist. Sorry you are dealing with this too. Hope you got it figured out.


    Why don’t you consult some other dentist I am sure you will find solution to your problem.


    You can take second opinion from another dentist or get your doubts cleared by your own dentist. Pretty sure it will work up for you.

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