Still in Pain 2 Weeks After Surgery, is There a Problem?

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    I am posting this here for Cheryl.

    I had an extraction of the eye tooth, bone graft and implants in place just over two weeks ago to take care of the gap of two teeth. My oral surgeon doesn’t seem to understand why I am still in discomfort. I keep telling him that the area of incision, although still quite tender, doesn’t cause me the most pain. The most pain comes from the throbbing of the front right and tooth next to it and the incision area.

    All the swelling is gone except for an area that is small but painful to touch with more than little pressure in right front sinus area. It radiates down to the incision and front teeth I advised above. He just says there is not evidence of infection and the outside area looks great. He seems perplexed and I just want someone to take an xray or something to see what is going on. Just doesn’t seem that I should still be fighting the discomfort. Am I being unreasonable? Also, I can’t wear my partial because it is painful.


    Hi Cheryl,

    It would be reasonable to expect your oral surgeon to take an x-ray, if they haven’t so already. If your oral surgeon won’t take an x-ray or doesn’t seem willing to try to find out why you are in discomfort, I’d think about seeing another dentist for a second opinion.

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    I would suggest that you go for second opinion. If things are bad, it can go worse before you even know it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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