TI-Fixation pin fell out of my mouth

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    First I really love my DR BUT I am getting through the process of 2 front teeth dental implants.
    About 2 years ago I had a bone graph done on tooth # 8 with no issues. About 7 weeks ago I went in for the following:
    Tooth # 8
    Surgical implant body : Endosteal
    All of the following on tooth # 9
    Tooth # 9
    Osseous graft by report
    Guided tissue regen-Resorb
    So 5 weeks after the process I went in and had the stitches removed. Two more weeks go by and on a Friday I start to have some irritation on my tooth next to where I had the Surgical implant body Endosteal. By Sunday it’s getting bad and I can taste puss. I look with my dental mirror and next to number 7 is a white end of a suture that was obviously left behind. I figure no big deal and pull it out and about 2 inches on suture comes out. THEN after that I see a black head on my gum and touch it with a rubber dental pick and from that hole a “TI-Fixation Titanium implant Pin” just dropped right out onto the counter. It took me a hour on google images to figure out what it was.
    So I take it to see my DR 1st thing Monday morning and it worried me because I could see he was surprised. He put me on 500 mg 3X a day of Amoxicillin and Chlorhex Glu rinse solution.
    He then tells me we may have to take all of the previous work out and start over and it would be best to just replace it all! Now my insurance does not cover this stuff and I took a loan out on my 401K to pay for this. My question is to anyone who can help Is this normal? Did the pin and/or the suture cause this infection? My gut feeling by his reaction was something was missed during the procedure. I really like my doctor but if there is going to be more expense involved I don’t think I should be charged if they did something wrong. I am not looking to sue him and I really like the man I just want a fair shake and my mouth fixed.
    Any opinions on the matter would be appreciated.



    Sorry to hear about your problems. I’d suggest having a talk with your dentist to discover why your implant went wrong and to find out if they will charge you for any future work, or if you can come to any agreement, depending on why they think your dental implant failed. If you are not happy with their answer, get a second opinion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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