Two broken left lower back molars – best solution

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    I’m a grinder who has broken off most of the two left side lower jaw molars. One about 15 years ago. Another recently, to the point the nerve was irritated – contact or compressing the tooth felt like a ‘charge’ went through my jaw. After a week the tooth feels fine now. Doesn’t appear to have an infection. The xrays and cleaning showed no visible problems or complications from these two broken molars that sit side by side. Just one tooth above the 15 yr old break has started to come down to make up for the space.

    I have no dental insurance, so I am saving up my money for a permanent solution. So far dental experts just want me to pull them both, and go get a 600 dollar partial. I’m not sure that is the best solution. I have never had pockets of infection, not a smoker, and my teeth are in otherwise good health for a 57 year old female. But I cannot see spending a few thousand dollars for implants. Are there any other feasible solutions?

    And I have a 2nd question: In central Michigan, are there any places that would offer discounts to low income (under 15 grand a year) folks like me for these procedures?

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