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    I live in Colorado, make less than $24k/year, and need dental implants. I saw a commercial for Clear Choice, so the family and I drove down to Denver and saw the specialists there. After my initial consultation, they quoted me a price of $45,000. Now some people have that kind of money, but we DO NOT. Even financing it would’ve cost over $600/month. I need some AFFORDABLE implants. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi Bobby,

    Thanks for taking the time to join the forum.

    Based on the estimated price that Clear Choice gave you, I assume that you need to replace all of your teeth with implants? Did they suggest an all-on-4 procedure or putting in an implant for each tooth? Did they say that a bone graft would be required? I would need more information before I can say whether or not $45,000 is a good price, but it does seem a bit on the high side.

    A few ways you should look into in order to find cheaper dental implants can be found here: https://www.dentalimplantcostguide.com/low-cost-options/

    Once you’ve explored those options, I suggest you find the 3-5 highest rated dentists in Denver (not counting Clear Choice) who offer dental implants and book a free consultation with them to see what they’re like and to get an estimate. Be sure to read through our guide on how to find a dentist you can trust here. I’m not familiar with any dentists in Colorado, but from a quick search it looks like Vantage, Redfearn, Denver Dentistry and Barotz all have favorable reviews. Be sure to ask them a few of the questions from the finding a dentist guide.

    I know it might sound like a lot of work, but when you’re going to invest so much time and money into a procedure like dental implants, it’s worth taking the time to investigate a number of clinics to make sure you’ve found the one that works best for you – both financially and how they treat their patients.

    Another option I suggest you look into is getting the work done at the Dental Faculty Practice at the School of Dental Medicine on University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. According to their website, “The fees at the school are heavily discounted in exchange for the additional amount of time necessary for students to provide treatment and the patient’s scheduling flexibility”. For more information, check out their FAQ page.

    Good luck! And please write back here to update us on your progress/experience.

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    Yeah, that $45k was after a 15% discount was applied for attending one of their seminars. And they were talking about doing the All-on-Four. Said that I had perfect bone structure, no grafts would be necessary, and that I was a perfect candidate for this. Then they dropped that bombshell price, and without any basis for comparison, I still felt like this was way too much.


    18,000 in Gulfport MS all cost start to finish for all 4 on 1 price
    I was quoted.

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