Implants Placed at the Wrong Angle Went Right Through the Bone?

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    I am posting this for Dawn.

    Hi, I had two implants placed in the front with four teeth on them, so the two front teeth and then one on each side. The implants are on the outer two of the Bridge. This was 7 years ago. I now have a dentist telling me (and showed me) that although these teeth look great, that the implants were actually placed at a wrong angle and/or they were two long and that they actually go completely through the bone and out the other side. You can see this on an xray. Now, have not ever had any trouble with them; however, this current dentist feels he would be negligent if he didn’t tell me these were put in wrong. So first, I need to know if I need this fixed is there any recourse 7 years later? It was done in Colorado. The teeth look beautiful. But, I would like your opinion if this is the case. Will this cause me problems in the future?

    Thank You, Dawn.

    PS my current dentist is also advising that I need four on one, on the lower teeth. I agree. I had some issues with medicine that cause this. I take very good care of myself and I need my teeth in order to eat as well as smile and so on. My issue is, they said 4 on 1 will cost $60,000. That seems outrageous. I have already spent over 40k. Is there any help financially?


    the answer to your first problem, which really not seems to be one. Probably your new dentist is right and the implants are positioned in an wrong angle and/or are too long, but afetr 7 years without any symptoms, it will keep at least other 7 years. Even naturalteeth, often have bone fenestrations on the buccle side underneath the gum and they create no problems. So if you are sattisfied with your situation, don’t change anything.
    Your second problem, only thing I can say, that an “all on four” solution would cost in our clinic in Bucharest/Romania, with the most advanced prosthetical solution, not more than 15000 $

    Best regards,
    Dr. Octavian Fagaras


    Hi Dawn,

    I think I’d agree with Dr. Octavian. If your implants haven’t caused any pain or discomfort for the past seven years then I’d leave well alone, even though it is possible they are slightly too long or at the wrong angle.

    All-on-4 can be a great solution for replacing an entire arch of teeth, but it might be worth you getting a second opinion from another implant dentist offering this service. Most will give you a free consultation so you should be able to get some approximate costs. If you have any dental or medical insurance, check with your provider to see if they will cover any part of this treatment. Although most providers still view dental implants as being cosmetic, it’s possible they may meet some of the costs.

    Hope this helps.


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