Finding Low Cost Dental Implants & Saving Money

Dental implants are the longest-lasting and most natural looking/functioning solution for replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, the cost to have implants placed can be quite prohibitive since a single implant can cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are few ways in which a patient can obtain implants at a more affordable price.

In This Guide

1) Comparison Shopping

To find the best rates, patients should get quotes from several dentists, asking for a comprehensive breakdown of the fees and estimated total cost of the necessary consultations, imaging (x-rays or CT scans), anesthesia, modeling, surgery, materials (post, abutment and crown) as well as any additional procedures such as sinus lifts and bone grafts.

Dentists are not the only dental professionals that can be certified to perform implant procedures, so patients can get quotes from other qualified professionals including periodontists and oral surgeons. Selecting a newer dental practice may help reduce the price as a dentist who is looking to build a clientele and gain experience may charge less than a more established dentist. That said, be sure you know what to look for when you’re trying to find a good dentist.

2) Geographic Location

The cost of dental implants can vary quite significantly geographically, so patients can find savings by considering a larger geographic area. This is especially true for patients in larger cities. Dentists in urban centers generally have a higher cost of living and higher overhead costs than those in smaller towns and as a result, are more likely to quote higher prices.

3) Travel Abroad

Dental Implant Cost by CountryTaking the search a step further, dental tourism has become a popular option for those searching for low cost dental implants. Developing countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary and many Asian destinations offer treatment for a fraction of the price patients can expect to pay in developed countries like the United States, Canada and the UK.

This is especially useful for less severe cases in which a patient is a candidate for simultaneous implant and crown placement. While the savings can be impressive, dental tourism should be approached with caution. The licensing standards and regulations of the country in question as well as the credentials and reputation of the prospective dentist should be carefully researched.

For more information on traveling for treatment, check out the Complete Guide to Dental Treatment Abroad which covers some of the most popular countries, the benefits & risks as well as interviews with dentists and patients.

4) Schools of Dentistry

Another option is to take part in a dental implant clinic/program held at a school of dentistry. These programs provide recently graduated dentistry school students looking to gain hands-on experience with the opportunity to perform dental implant procedures with the assistance and supervision of experienced dentists or dental surgeons. Some schools only offer this service to low income individuals – and don’t be surprised if you’re placed on a wait list. The work can take a long time (multiple visits), and the hours can be inconvenient (during working hours), but if you qualify, the wait is well worth the thousands of dollars you’ll save.

The work is typically very good quality since work done at a dental school includes quite a bit of oversight. Each diagnosis and treatment is analyzed and discussed by several students and professors. They provide the same quality treatment as professionals for a fraction of the cost since they’ve studied and practiced the procedures on models.

At the very least, these clinics are a great place to go for a second opinion.

Here are a few example schools/programs that offer implants at reduced rates (and the reader who mentioned them in brackets):

5) Dental Societies and Charitable Organizations

Some dental societies and non-profit charitable organizations offer free or discounted care for low income patients, often during planned events. There are also associations that provide free care for patients in specific demographic groups, such as victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, women and children. The American Dental Association lists both state and county dental associations in its online directory.

6) Financing

Care CreditThere are companies such as Care Credit that finance dental work, allowing a patient to receive implants and make monthly payments along with the applicable fees and interest. The main requirement to qualify for the loan is a decent credit score. Since they are the longest-lasting restoration option and typically do not require continuing dental work in the future, financing the cost (despite fees and interest) can be a great way to afford implants.

7) Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans are a membership-based plans in which patients pay yearly or monthly fees in order to receive discounts on dental care, ranging from 10% to 60%. Patients participating in these plans are generally required to use only affiliated dentists within the plan’s network, but the discounts can potentially take hundreds, if not thousands of dollars off of the total cost of an implant procedure.

Find out how one of our readers saved $3300 on his implants thanks to a dental discount plan.

8) Know the Alternatives

Dental BridgeBridges and partial dentures are the main alternatives to dental implants for replacing missing or extracted teeth. This is especially the case if there are still viable abutment teeth to support a bridge crown. They do not usually last as long as implants, but dental bridges can last an average of 15 years if they are properly cared for. Bridges are bonded to the abutment teeth so they do not need to be removed for cleaning like partial and full-mouth dentures. The drawback of a dental bridge is that the bone in the jaw supporting it under the artificial teeth will atrophy over time, eventually causing failure of the crown and bridge.

9) Insurance Coverage

Most dental insurance carriers do not cover implants because it is considered a cosmetic procedure, but company policies continue to change. Some dental insurance providers are starting to offer to pay up to the cost of similar, but less expensive procedure such as bridge or partial dentures. Insurance coverage will usually include procedures that restore functions that are compromised by the pain caused by missing teeth. If dental implants are the only procedure that can bring your oral health back to normal, then your insurance will probably cover at least a portion of it.

10) Fundraising Campaign

If you’ve tried all of the options above and found that they aren’t available in your area, don’t make the procedure affordable enough or that you’re ineligible, then you should consider starting a campaign to raise the funds using a website such as or These services are similar to Kickstarter – the most well-known crowdfunding service – but they will allow you to raise money for a personal health matter.

Once you’ve setup a page and written an honest and detailed explanation of your situation (and maybe even created a video), you can send a link to your family, friends, co-workers, local churches and any online communities you’re a part of asking them to donate towards the cost of the dental work. Make sure that you outline how your new teeth will positively impact your life (and possibly the lives of your family) as well as exactly how the money will be spent.

Important to Remember

  • Asking other people for money isn’t for everyone – especially when it is for a personal health issue. If this approach would make your or a member of your family embarrassed/uncomfortable, then it might not be a good idea.
  • It isn’t advisable to pressure people, beg or ask multiple times for money.
  • Before asking somebody, ask yourself: If this person asked me for money, would I donate to their cause?

What to Read Next

Over to You

Which of these methods did you use to save money? How much did you pay for your treatment? Leave a comment and let us know!

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80 thoughts on “Finding Low Cost Dental Implants & Saving Money

  1. I am on disability with an income of $866.00 per month. I have 8 teeth left in my mouth and have not smiled in four years. I avoid social situations and am afraid I embarrass my grandchildren. All I want is to smile again. Growing up I always knew that I wasn’t pretty, but people always said I had a pretty smile. I used to be such a happy person. I never had money or possessions, but I had friends, family and just an enjoyment of life. My lack of teeth has diminished my happiness so much. Having teeth again would change so much for me, to be able to smile and laugh with my wonderful grandchildren would be such a blessing.

    • If you receive a reply on completely FREE dental implants (this is all i can have because my crowns have totally rotted teeth beneath them and i do not want dentures that come out)
      please let me know. i am on social security too but since i worked under the table to support my children because i had no child support, i only get $379 a month!
      I have been living with an x boyfriend for years (no alternative) and can not afford any price at all. I am so depressed about not being able to get my mouth done!
      I am 64 years old, and so depressed. It makes me feel so ugly and i cannot smile. Feels helpless.

      • If your pay is that low both of you qualify for and probably receive Medicaid or Medicare. Either can take care of your dental needs.

        • From what I understand if you are disabled and /or over 65 and have Medicare they do not offer any Dental benefits unless you have Medicaid as well (which I know I and a lot of people don’t qualify for). The poverty level in my state is extremely low but I’m disabled and most of my money that I receive each month from SSD goes right back toward my regular medical bills and Rx. It’s hard enough to pay my bills each month with my income the last thing I can think about is paying crazy amounts of money for my long overdue; extremely necessary dental needs. If anyone has any suggestion please let me know. Thank You!

        • Dentical only pays for children, medical and medicaid do not cover cosmetic dentistry period and barely cover any routine servcices at all. Programs have been cut to bare minimum sorry

          • As of January 2014 dental in CA was restored to Medicaid recpients. Implants are excluded but dentures are covered

          • Dentures are not covered! Extractions are. The theory is that people die from abscesses and related conditions (brain and heart infections), but not from toothlessness. Never mind the despair, loss of functionality, and poor nutrition folks are left with. And the state doesn’t care if you’re 20 or 60. Just once I got teeth paid for by Medicaid, for a client of mine. He literally couldn’t eat anything and was too psychotic to work around it. Now I need the help and can’t get it!

          • Dentical has covered adults since Jan 2015. I have full dentures and they were covered by dentical.

        • I Am on Both Medicare and Medical. I Cannot Find ANYONE to Take Care of Any of My Dental Problems. Handicapped Veteran Living in section 8 Housing and Live on $950 Per Month. Transferred to 3 Different Dentists. Have Migraines ALL the Time And CANNOT Get ANY Help. The Will NOT take care of My Needs. Any suggestions/Dentists to Refer Me to, is Greatly appreciated.

          • Where are you living Washington state pays for dental work but will not pay if you are having to get out under and being a very you should be able to go to the VA

        • Dear Mike,
          I just want to inform you that medicaid does not pay for tooth replacement for adults and only covers patient in pain. They will gladly pull your teeth but will not repair. Thats why you see so many poor people without them. And this woman does not qualify for medicare as she is only 64 and she probably will not be able to afford medicare anyway when it is available to her.
          Its so sad isn’t it. I truely wish i had the extra money to help this woman.

        • Medicaid dental plans only cover getting teet pulled..Certainly not implants, root canals, crowns, bridges etc. They are considered cosmetic. Medicaid wud rather pull All teeth n give u dentures than pay for one implant, sad as it sounds. “Catholic Charities” is the only place that covers most all non-implant needs for ppl with no income. If u have 3 or more teeth out in a row, they will also cover crown/bridges.

      • Are you seriously expecting someone to pay for you to have dental implants without any contributions. I wouldn’t be so quick to write off dentures which may be your only viable option in the real world for most people in your position. I think it is kind of crazy to hear so many people with that expectation or unrealistic fantasy. Truth is that if you got assistance for dental expenses it would be for necessity not for the most expensive dental procedure known for cosmetic purposes. Dentures are not all created equal and could benefit many of you greatly. You might want to try the more realistic approach and be happy with the denture smile rather than miserable with a rotten and broken smile. Just saying…

        • Not all people will benefit from denture wear and implant is the most viable solution to better overall health. You assume people just want the absolute best without regard to what they contribute, as in just a bunch of deadbeats that want something for free. This is sometimes true, but there also also legitimate needs to be considered. You obviously have not been put into any kind of situation like this, so I can understand your lack of understanding.

        • I have gotten dentures from my Ohio medicaid. The problem is they made them wrong for my mouth. So they are going to replace them. As it stands now the ones I have pop out when eating even mashed potatoes. And stuff gets between the dentures and gums so easy and this is with using denture cream. Stuff in between dentures and gums very painful. I would love implants because it’s frustrating when teeth pop out in pubic. Bus as most on medicare and medicaid are at the mercy of the State and government. Dental health is important. Especially for people with multiple health problems. I don’t think people on health programs are thinking oh i just have to have top of the line teeth. But they would like to look normal and eat like everyone else. If you have all your teeth you can’t understand the embarrassment or the pain of teeth missing or rotted. And for some it isn’t a matter of not taking care of them. Some have medical problems that causes the loss of teeth. And can’t afford new ones especially with the high cost of medicine and dental work in America

  2. Please refer me to someone who will do bridge with 2 implants for upper back teeth. Need to keep total costs close to $2000. Let me know if you can help.

  3. I smoked meth for 9 years and ruined my teeth. I’ve been sober 2 years and really want to fix my teeth. The cost to fix them and get the implants I need is around 10,000 I need as much help as I can get to lower the cost as I am a single mom of two boys. Any and all help will be appreciated!

    • First understand that the primary necessity of teeth is to eat to nourish your body. To maintain health is also important. When those permanent teeth are gone there is no coming back. I am on a fixed income as well and can’t even fathom the thought of keeping rotting teeth in my mouth rather than get dentures. which if used properly will not fly out of your mouth spontaneously. What makes anyone in such a predicament, speak poorly about an option for a healthy pretty smile, simply because you prefer another more expensive option that clearly is not affordable. So either way you are asking someone to fix your teeth but only if it is with the most expensive dental treatment available…LOL!!! I don’t think that anyone willing to help would do so in that manner simply because. Answer this….Is your rotten mouth smile better than dentures?

      • I feel sorry for you that you can have so little compassion for other people. As was already mentioned, sometimes dentures are not appropriate for all situations. And unless you have had to deal with the shame and embarrassment of having broken, ugly teeth, you really don’t know how it feels.

        It seems like you assume that people seeking this type of treatment are all lazy, entitled people who don’t want to contribute toward treatment, when most of the time it’s actually people who don’t have the means to contribute very much. How dare they want something that will look nice and feel comfortable and improve their self-esteem and health, right?

        I bet you are the type of person who says ugly things to people about their appearance and is then surprised and offended when they get upset about it. Because you’re “just sayin” right? How nice it must be to be up on your high horse and tell people what you’d do in their situation when you really have no idea.

      • I get what you mean Jennifer, however some people can’t qualify for dentures-in my case steroids meant to fix my back injury resulted in the wearing down of my jawbone, leaving regular dentures a non-option-the bones need to be strong and the correct shape to hold in the dentures. I would qualify for what is called “permanent dentures” , however that requires a couple of implants to secure them to and they can be removed every so often to clean them and make sure your mouth is okay. My teeth got destroyed from the steroids after I received a back injury on my spinal cord after a violent domestic abuse situation, so I never asked for this. I constantly choke a lot trying to eat-it’s not fun and it looks terrible-I’m only 42 and I feel like I’m 80. 🙁

  4. I am 28 years old mother of 4 beautiful kids. Everytime I got pregnant I have lost a tooth. Also my canine teeth in the front decided not to grow in. I used to get made fun of for my teeth when I was a kid. Even adults would make fun of me. I just lost 2 more of my front teeth. I feel awful about myself. I don’t want to smile or talk to anyone. I am a nurse but with 4 kids and bills I haven’t been able to afford Dr get my teeth fixed. My teeth are just slowly rotting away…all of them….I wish there was something I could do. There must be someway I can get my teeth fixed. I hope there is…..

    • Sorry Mike but they don’t cover dental,only children. And then it’s cut off at age 18..Angola I am so sorry you are having trouble. I don’t see anything that referring that they want just money.people want their teeth fixed and dental insurance coverage is a joke. It’s so expensive I know that you are feeling the way you feel.because I am in the same situation. If the dentist did not charge you a arm and a leg for every thing that they do, people would not have all the dental problems. They only work three and half days a week why? Because they make enough money in that amout of time so they can take half days and not work at all on Fridays. The cost of dental in the United States is outrageous. Point blank period. Hope that you can find a way to get all the work you need done. Best of luck to you.

      • >>If the dentist did not charge you a arm and a leg for every thing that they do, people would not have all the dental problems.

        If what you state were true, then nobody on Medicaid would have medical problems because it is almost free. We all know that is not true, yet instead of seeking the source of society’s dental problems, you blame those who have the means to solve them. For example, did you know that 99% of dental related diseases are completely preventable. Just don’t expose your teeth to acidic foods and beverages, especially between meals, and brush and floss every night. It’s as simple as that.

        >>They only work three and half days a week why? Because they make enough money in that amount of time so they can take half days and not work at all on Fridays.

        My office is open Monday through Friday. We employ 18 people, and provide charitable care on a continuous basis. Most dentists who work four or less days per week have health issues, neck or back problems, or very low overhead because they are debt free. Also, most dentists spend at least 10 hours per week on nonclinical tasks such as human resources, office duties, continuing education, marketing, repairing their own equipment, etc. Ironically, if a dentist worked 60 hours per week they would be very wealthy. The truth is, most cannot handle that kind of stress or physical fatigue.

        >>The cost of dental in the United States is outrageous.

        Did you know the cost of a single crown is roughly the same as it was in 1950 when measured by the value of gold? Why is it dentistry’s fault that our dollar has devalued so much over time? While it is expensive, so is any plumbing, electrical, roofing, automotive, medical, legal, or any other professional service. Also, to receive the same level of care in any other modernized country, you will pay roughly the same as the work you pay for in the USA as the cost of materials is roughly the same around the world. The main difference is the cost of labor and the cost of rent, but when you add the cost of travel, housing, and the inability to sue a foreign dentist in many cases for malpractice, the real cost of having work done in the USA is not so bad. Finally, when I provide charitable care at up to 75% off, which pays for my staff wages and a portion of the materials, I make sure the patient promises me they will quit smoking, drinking, or doing any illicit drugs. Why should I have to subsidize their luxurious behaviors when I can’t afford to do those things myself?

        • >>If what you state were true, then nobody on Medicaid would have medical problems because it is almost free. <<

          After reading the opening arguement, it is clear your basis lacks any sort of reality. By that response, you are saying that because one would have medical insurance, wether Medicare/Medicaid or not, that nobody would have health problems. Go back and think about that "Dr." Last time I checked, people with cancer and other life threatening illness didn't get sick due to lack of insurance, they got sick regardless. And Medicare/Medicaid only covers a bare minimum. Case in point, if you go to a doctor and you receive poor care, depending on the type of visit you cannot get a second opinion if on Medicare or Medicaid. You can appeal, which takes a long time, or (we will say in the case of dentures) you can wait a year or more for that second opinion.
          Regardless, your basis for rebuttal are hilarious at best.

          • I may be wrong, but I think you misinterpreted Dr. Kim’s argument. He’s arguing that the “cost” of dental care has no correlation to the source of a person’s poor dental health. Whether dental care is expensive or not, is has nothing to do with “why” people have bad teeth. That would be like blaming the cost of birth control for getting pregnant. Sure, costly dental care prevents many people from getting treatment, which may cause their teeth to progressively worsen, but it is not the “cause” of one’s initial dental problems.

        • I have a question for you… I’m 22 years old and I was born with a genetic saliva disease which affects the ability for my saliva to clean my teeth(you should know all about this). I’ve paid out thousands of dollars to prevent decaying along with cleaning and maintaining my teeth to the best of my ability. I currently have 4 teeth extracted, in addition to roughly 4 to 5 crowns needed so that puts me at a base pay of about 20,000. Bottom line my teeth are a hopeless case. So tell me how I can afford something like that as this age? There is no help for things like this in the dental field vs the medical field without having the money upfront…..

  5. Hi, I’m 40 years old and I have 3 kids, 3 of my bottom front teeth are loose and need to be pulled out, I was laid off from work and I’m unemployed, I was told it will cost me more than $10,000 if I want to get implants and about $8000 if I decide to get a bridge. I cannot afford it and i’m asking if I can be directed to any places where I can get dental help. Thanks.

    • Hi, I had a bridge about 7-8 years ago to replace one upper front tooth that cost very little. The periodontist I was seeing extracted the tooth and then shaped and bonded it right back in its original place to the two adjacent teeth. I much preferred it to any type of false-tooth pontic because it was my own and already the right shape, size and color. In addition, there was no grinding down and/or expensive capping of the adjacent teeth as so often is recommended.

      Having other dental problems, I no longer have that bridge but it was no problem in itself. I don’t know how long it would have lasted versus other options but when you start researching things you realize that none of them are that risk-free. Have friends who had failed implants and caps. The latter often enough can decay underneath. Good luck.

  6. You don’t need implants to have teeth replaced. If you are low income, you probably qualify to some sort of state aid. In California, under the Obama Care Affordable Heath Act. Denti-Cal is the dental part of the Medi-Cal system. They pay for full dentures. They do not pay for the implants unless medically removable dentures are a problem
    (Epileptic, etc ) However, removable full dentures are better than no teeth at all and you can always put the implants in later if your financial situation improves. Contact the state you live in for their state aid insurance..

  7. I’m 53, a widow with a handicapped child, I got breast cancer last year and have been going thru the agonies of the damned since then. I smoked cigarettes for way too long, tho I quit 2 years before I got the cancer. The smoking messed up my gums. I got free full dentures thru the 18 month cancer medi-cal program (they took 7 teeth pre chemo, and are removing my post chemo 11 remaining teeth on Monday) and I am opting for the 3M Denture Attatchment System, which is supposed to cost between $2,800 and $5,000. They are “mini implants”. With a large-ish down payment and the payment plan offered, I should be able to pay them off within the first year. I will let you all know how this works out for me..oh yeah, I’m cancer free so far. Yay!

    • Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us and I’m very happy to
      hear that you’re cancer free! 😀

      Thank you for mentioning mini dental implants (MDI), I should add them to this page as another way to save some money while enjoying similar benefits to those that regular implants provide. For those who don’t know, mini implants are a great alternative for those who don’t have enough bone to secure full sized implants or are looking for a lower cost dental prosthesis that is stable and low maintenance. MDI are a fraction of the cost and the minimally invasive procedure makes the recovery time shorter as well.

      EDIT: Here is the page on MDIs:

      I’m adding an article about mini implants to the site soon and I’d love to add your thoughts and experience to it. Please let me know if this is something you’d like to contribute to.

      Good luck with everything and please update us on how things go when you can!

  8. I am a 49 year old female with fybromyalgia rheumatoid arthritis and syrjoyens syndrome. I’ve always been adamant about taking care of my teeth I have one implant and a mouth full of crowns. However the medication for the RA has ruined my teeth (methotrexate) I see reality shows of individuals getting dental makeovers. Oh! What I would give for that to be me. I rarely smile because of being ashamed of my teeth. I’m looking at a breakdown for a periodontist which totals $15,000.00. I’m aware I can’t afford that. I realize I could do dentures yet I wear a partial now that I had to purchase twice the first one was made to fit like a denture I couldn’t wear it due to a horrible gag reflex! If I had one wish it would be for a beautiful smile…..good luck to everyone on here…I hope someday we all get our wish…thx and God Bless

  9. It’s pretty sad so many people come here begging for handouts. I am currently in the 6 week healing process before getting dentures so I have no teeth right now. Before they were pulled they were terrible. To get the work on my mouth done I hunted down resources on the internet and followed up on them until I got the help I needed. I darn sure didn’t jump on comment forums begging for help. There is help out there, quit being lazy and find it and stop counting on strangers generosity to do the footwork for you.

    • Mike, It took me three years to save to have the dental work done. I am on disability, but found ways to cut things out to afford the dental care I needed. I am 3 months post teeth removal, and have temporary dentures in. I was on a waiting list for two years for my state, but knew the list was long so from the beggining I put money away each month. I can’t get use to the dentures, I gag when they are in. After spending over $5,000.00, I don’t know what else I can do. I am trying to increase the time in every few days. I guess my next step will be mini implants. It will be another year and a half before I can afford those. It’s scary having a epilepsy and having swallowed my partial, so that might be part of it.
      I found if I cut out my smart phone, cut out everything but basic cable. Sold items on eBay. I bought my children’s clothes at a thrift shop, a kept to a tight food budget I was able to save each month. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I also went to a dental school. You must stick with the program and not miss an appointment without a 24 hour notice or you are removed from their program. It seems like too many are looking for others to do the work for them. I have taken advantage of mobile dental programs for my three kids so I don’t have huge dental expenses for them.
      Times are really rough for almost everyone these days, so it is important that we look within ourselves to get what we need or want.

    • I am sorry you have had problems like the rest of us & pray for healing & recovery. I, in no way am begging for handouts from anyone. I appreciate the comments & feel comforted with the empathy for & from others in the same situation as we are in. It would be nice if you could post & share helpful websites & resources you’ve found helpful. Peace.

    • You know what mike? There is no reason to be so mean. I see no problem with people asking for help. There are people out there with so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Why not help someone in need. I know if I had a lot of money I would love to make someone smile. I’m in a position where I dont smile anymore either and I once had beautiful teeth. I loved to smile. I feel so sad every day. I can’t afford to do any dental work on my mouth. I don’t go out anymore and I avoid talking in person whenever I can. If I could make someone smile… I know I would. Isn’t it what life is about??

      • I am not understanding how you have time to get online and complain about how you can not afford to “do anything to help your smiles”. People who have a lot of money usually do so because of excess work. My teeth were so bad that I had full dentures before 30. Let me also add that I was a single mother of 4 with no support except for what I provided for my children. You can do for yourself is what I would say. I would have loved implants but I paid for dentures because that is what I could afford. 15 years later I would still love implants but….. this is not an affordable option still. I will save and find a way to do this. Stop begging is what I am saying if your smile is important get some dentures.

  10. Hi Rhonda. I, too, have Sjogrens autoimmune disease. I once had beautiful teeth. The disease has destroyed my teeth. I’ve had 10 pulled (very expensive) & need all of them removed. I would love to have the money to have the rest removed & get dentures. I have been told that with Sjogrens, we need the mini dental implants in order to retain the dentures because of our dry mouth. I’ve been to the only dental college in my state & told I needed to pay 30% upfront & the remainder in 12 monthly payments which would be almost what my house payment is. There is no way. Good luck & don’t give up. We’ll eventually figure this out with the Lord’s help.

  11. Please help me find someone who can do the mini dental implants or all on 4 or snap on dentures. I have insurance through medicare and I also have a discount plan through careington dental. I would really love to have a nice smile and be able to eat normally and enjoy what I eat. I don’t have much money so please help if you can.

  12. Why don’t you list the schools of dentistry in that section you cite such schools as good places to have affordable implant surgery performed?

    • Hi Warren,

      I finally got around to listing all of the schools that have been mentioned by visitors and linked to the comment the school was mentioned in for your reference. I will add to this list as more schools are discussed.

    • Beware of Dental Schools! The dental students get points for working up your case. Only utilize them for refitting dentures and very simple, uncomplicated dental problems! I only used the “Prostiodentist” dept, whose students are already graduated “dentists”! They have ruined my teeth and gums. I now have no choice but to have implants! Oh, btw, they discounted their price to 50% off because they acknowledged, in my opinion, their ruining my oral health!

  13. I live in Massachusetts where it is really hard to get care if you don’t have money. I have dental but it only covers cleaning and extractions. I need partials on top and bottom and it costs 1800. I know to some it might sound like a little bit of money but my rent is 1200 and my husband barely makes that working 3 part time jobs. I stay at home with the kids because we can’t afford day care right now. I don’t want to get into my whole story but I’m just looking for a place where I can possibly do payments without applying for care credit knowing i will get denied as I have done so already. I have looked for dental care for years and I am constantly getting turned down because I dont have the credit to back me up. No one will do my dental work for me until I hand them the cash or have approval from care credit. Does anyone know of a place where I can get the work done and be on a payment plan where I don’t need credit approval. This would really help. I would love to smile again. Some of us aren’t as fortunate as others and I have noticed the negativity. You don’t know someone else’s situation so you shouldn’t belittle them and give negative comment sad to how people go about getting the help they need. Some people might not be looking for a handout, they could just be looking for more resources other then a dentist telling them to just pull em all out. I hope you guys stay blessed and vigilant.

    • Massachusetts used to be as you described, but in the middle of 2015 they changed and now offer free dental coverage to low income residents on Mass Health who go to a community health center. It includes dentures, root canals, partials, bridges, crowns, etc., with no copay. The program is Mass Health plus the Health Safety Net. I was also suffering and finding out about this is really a life-changer.

  14. Ya know Mike, not everyone is internet search savy, and when they do come across a site like this one that gives them some ideas to start their search for help they might also think if they tell someone their thoughts and feelings that someone else, lets say someone who maybe runs a dental school or some grant program that might be able to help them might respond with ideas that even this site didnt list. Sometimes people just need a helping hand, a place to vent. You may not be the type to “BEG” but it’s pretty judgemental of you simply because you don’t do certain things to criticize those that aren’t afraid to ask for help after they have suffered so long. See as my teeth fall out of my mouth too, I have compassion for those above me because I know how painful and embarrassing it is. Just remember if you don’t ask for help you wont get it and if I were a millionaire browsing this page I would probably buy the teeth for those above just to spite you for being so judgemental. Didn’t your mother ever teach you if you can’t say something nice say nothing at all….it really was a good lesson people need to get back to.

  15. I’m wondering whether getting a loan through my credit union might help–it’s for cars and home repairs, but the cost of All on 4s seems comparable. Would a dentist accept that? Also, if you have a really bad underbite that never got treated, would All on 4s help that?

  16. I’m 46, always had weak bad teeth, I currently have three dental bridges that are failing and I am scared to death of what is going to happen to me. I am the parent of a son with severe autism, I have depression and grind my teeth. I have no money for any dental work at all and because my adult son requires 24 hour supervision at all times, it is difficult to find work. I am a college graduate and I am so embarrased and ashamed and can’t believe my life turned out this way. What can I do? I have no dental insurance, I probably need dentures but would love implants. It seems I can’t catch a break.

    • What state are you in?? Many states added dental coverage in 2015 in the latter half. See my comments for more information. You may be able to get covered now (not implants but bridge replacements, root canals, crowns, etc.) depending on where you live and your income level.

  17. I need an implant, long story, I been fighting with insurance companies, heres the thing if insurance can support other things they should be able to pay for an implant, as it is hard for me to eat anything and they won’t even pay for a partial, does anyone know where i can go in upstate ny for help.

    • Hi Mihai. Thank you for your comment. The costs we list for the various countries are the average amounts people have reported paying for a dental implant. All of the data used is submitted to us from visitors like yourself. It is important to note that the cost of an implant varies widely as it is based on a number of factors, so the amounts we show should be taken as an approximate level or range – not an exact price list.

  18. I am 25 years old and when I was 19 I underwent chemotherapy to decrease the saliva production in my mouth which rotted my teeth. I am on medicaid but I don’t want to face the social stigma of dentures. People tell me there is no way my teeth would be as bad as they are if I hadn’t been on recreational drugs, but I have never done any drugs in my life. Its sad because it affects my social interactions as well as employment opportunities. I have had many interviews and been turned down for the jib and I am sure it is because of my teeth. I don’t have one dull tooth left in my mouth. I need help finding affordable implants. Not only is it affecting me emotionally but I have also became malnourished because I can’t really eat much. Even bread causes tooth pain.

  19. I’m 41 years of age with failed crowns/bridges…I’ve had 2 dental implants thus far. I used to have a pretty smile, but having kids and years of being afraid of the dentist has left my teeth in really bad shape. I guess my situation may be a little different…I’m not asking for a complete hand-out…If I could find someone to restore my entire mouth for around 5 or 6 thousand dollars I would do it tomorrow! It’s just so expensive…I wish some dentist would take that in consideration and reduce the cost. Some places want over $30,000 dollars and that is just not feasible for a person making 33,000 per year who is single and has a household to take care of…if there is help, please let me know.

    • Shoot, you sound like me. I am 25 years old and have had terrible teeth problems my ENTIRE life. I have always brushed everyday, usually twice. My flossing habits weren’t so great though, and now I am regretting it big time. I just realized a few months ago that all of my gums are receeding, and I think I have pretty severe periodontal disease and will most likely need dentures at 25! While I know this is probably my fault (I haven’t gone to a dentist in 3 years), it is so depressing. I’m taking on a second job to pay for whatever dental work I need, I figure it will cost between 8000-10000. The sad part is I am not sure that will even help since my gums are in such terrible shape, I don’t think I can even get implants!! :'(

      And this is gonna sound like I am conceited when I am not (matter of fact my confidence is blowing away in the wind like my deteriorating gums) but I am actually quite a pretty girl and all I see when I look in the mirror now is some girl with messed up gums and on her way to dentures.

      But my first appt is on 3/4/15 at 9:00 am everyone wish me luck. I swear it feels like I have no future I can’t even stand my own reflection anymore and to top it off, I think the “gaps or pockets” are causing more plaque to build up in between my teeth and have now caused a cavity which leaves me in paralyzing pain where I can’t even see straight (and I am at work when this happens). All of this kinda makes me wanna just jump off a freaking cliff sometimes.

      Rant over I guess.

      Good luck to you all 🙂

      • You aren’t alone in feeling helpless and hopeless. I’m glad you could at least find a dentist to consult, though of course that isn’t likely much comfort until you know for sure what it’ll cost etc. It’s a true shame, the robbery that transpires with the prices of dental work!

        There’s so many times I consider, as you said, “jumping off a cliff” because I see no future for myself other than becoming some old woman who can only eat apple sauce and has no teeth or dentures/implants. It’s depressing, and our country should be ashamed that it’ll put tax dollars toward stupid, political crap but not toward making sure all Americans have the necessary dental care to at least be able to eat properly.

  20. I feel horrible, but my mother feels so badly for me she is willing to pay for me to get my teeth fixed. She said I. Could take a credit card and use it. I am only 38 years old I have been losing teeth for over 10 years. I have medical issues right now preventing me from working. My poor husband is a police officer, so we barely have enough money to pay the bills for our 3 kids. I don’t want to seem ungrateful because I am so thankful for my mom. It’s just I can’t figure out a way to get the few teeth I have left removed and then the implant type dentures for $10,000.00. I wish I could do regular dentures, but I have a horrible gag reflex and I just can’t do it. Several years ago I paid almost 2000 for a partial I never could wear because oof gagging. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m in St. Louis.

  21. Traveling abroad to get dental work looks like such an attractive option. I just wonder about the other travel costs that make it restrictive in its own right. Also are there certain countries that are known for their quality dental work with a lower price?

  22. I need an implant to replace a missing tooth. My dentist is quoting me a price of over $4,000. Recently, I discovered a number of “dental implant” centers here in NYC offering complete dental implant procedures starting at about $1200 to about $2000 depending on the facility you choose. I happen to have a friend who works in the dental industry and I asked him about this and he warned me not to use the discount facilities because their materials may not be good. My question is: does anyone know if there really is a difference? Is there a benefit to going with an implant center or should play it safe and stick with my own dentist? Obviously, I want to save money if I can, but not at the cost of having a lousy procedure done that I’m going to regret down the road. Thanks.

  23. I’m 42 years old and due to a domestic abuse situation, have a damaged spine-the doctors attempted to treat this with steroids over the years, however not only did it not help my back much, it destroyed my mouth. I never did anything to deserve this. I took the suggestion to write my state’s dental association so I will see what they say. I technically can’t do dentures on my lower jaw due to erosion of the bone (dentures work by resting on these areas and the pressure holds them in), however the dentists said I would be okay with permanent dentures (which are clicked in pace by carefully placed implants and removed every 6 months to clean them and make sure all is well. I have 3 teenagers who although are awesome about it, I know are affected by the way this looks. I am about to go on disability due to my limited capacity to walk-my doctor wanted me to do this in 2010, I only recently agreed when it became apparent I couldn’t get work with my injuries limitations. There was a television reality series called “Smile” where they did dental procedures on people for free (upwards to $70k+ worth) however they are waiting to see if they will do a second season and I am following up on researching that as well. Good luck to all of you! 🙂

  24. I have bad teeth because of a combination of heredity (some bone loss) and medication I took before my permanent teeth came in (this stuff will rot your teeth before they even come in). I make fairly good money and am trying to save up for implants. I am assuming that I will survive with an upper denture for a year or so (my parents have done it since I was a kid). But having actual teeth in your mouth serve more of a purpose than just eating. They support the bones in your face. Without them, your bones deteriorate and you wind up with more problems than just not having a pretty smile or being able to eat. Trust me, my friend’s mother had to have steel plates put in her jaw and upper palate because she lost her teeth at 17 years old and the years with no bone support caught up with her.

    We need to fight for better dental insurance instead of arguing whether this is “cosmetic”.

  25. Jennifer:
    You are truly a very misinformed person. Not everyone who is on social security is at home sitting around not “contributing.” Many work. I am on disability and I work very hard.

    Now saying that, I would like to say that just because someone is on Social Security does not mean that they should be condemned to the idea of dentures, because of our “position” in life? Wow, that doesn’t sound fascist. Right now I can’t even get in to a dentist where I live because people with regular jobs have so flooded the Denti-Cal offices, I can’t even get a cavity filled. And the people I saw here, like myself, were only trying to find a cheap alternative. And, no, you are right the state of CA should not pay for implants because they won’t even pay for a normal crown, they are temporary and I was told, useless. It takes an average on a good day of five hours to get seen.

    So, it is so easy for someone to think it is easy for us, there wasn’t even dental coverage for a long period of time and now that it is back all they will do is fix cavities and/or tell you that they want to pull your teeth, because they will get more money that way, and most dental needs are not covered anyway. So, that is why there are disabled people needing help on this site, and if getting dentures is our lot in life, then why don’t you tell the non-disabled people out there to stop making so little money and keeping us out of getting care. I am kidding, of course, because that is how ridiculous YOU sound to me.

  26. Admin: I am not surprised my comment didn’t make the cut. I myself don’t expect anyone but myself to pay for dental implants, not a dentist, not anyone but myself. But your site is insulting low income people and the disabled. The truth is no one can afford them. I know a lawyer for instance that was just starting out that was forced to go to Costa Rica to get them done. Unfortunately, the view of the dentists I saw here is very much like the treatment I have had in real life. They really need to get off their high horses. People are people are people. And dental care is so unaffordable that it is forcing people to go this route. And apparently I need to be a polite $*&% in order to have my opinion posted. I am disabled but I have a Master’s Degree. I am not some disabled sniveling moron sitting in a corner, doing nothing and waiting for the inevitable dentures and I find it highly insulting for any person to say that a disabled person needs to get dentures period, no hope no nothing. That seems to be the tone of your site.

  27. I’ve read all the comments on this thread and I can’ t see an easy answer to this problem. The actual implant components are costly, without adding in the expense of the dental work and lab work.

    Someone mentioned contacting their local state dental association for advice. I think this is a great idea as they will know about any programs that might be available to help and how to apply. While this help might not include dental implants, it could at least help to treat the pain and problems that caused tooth loss and may provide another alternative solution until you are in a better position to get dental implants. Dental schools can be a good option and the costs are reduced, but it can be tricky to find a school offering implants as they may be looking for certain cases to fit in with their teaching programs and appointments can take longer. As also suggested, mini dental implants and All-on-4 are more affordable options but I know they are still pretty pricey.

    If you are considering dental implants abroad do lots of research before going ahead and find out exactly what kind of dental implant system will be used. The same applies to anyone considering cheap dental implants in their own country. There are several well-respected dental implant companies that supply high quality implants worldwide and which are really well-known. Having an implant from one of these companies makes it much easier to get treatment from another dentist if anything goes wrong.

    Good luck to everyone on this thread.

  28. I thought the dental school idea was the way to go. However, I am currently in a dental school program and just got the price of the treatment plan: $20,000. The way I see it, with the student dentist being off for the summer and frequently taking off for seminars,etc., my teeth won’t be done for years. Which may be for the best, as it will take me years to get that kind of money together. The alternative is pull out my teeth and get dentures, or get implants. Bridges won’t work for me for some reason, according to the dentists. It IS depressing, and I’m 56. I can’t imagine facing that when I was in my 20s. I’m still unsure if it will even be worth it to me. I have a kid in college and my house needs a roof. Just commiserating with the others…:)

  29. If you need 2 or more implants then you should have a savings plan and EVERYONE has money to save if they are getting any kind of income 1200./month or more. The change you get back when you pay for something is enough to save 400-1500 per year depending on you spending habits. I do not get any fed or state help and i work for myself.

    In my line of work the implants that i need could increase me income by 15-25%. I may have to sacrifice but like many celebs i am getting mine in Mexico. That is about 30% off in itself. Plus you can still work a deal with the dentist if you need 3 or more. This chart has Mexican Implants a bit high also. My quote started at 1450./implant (1900. ea. in the USA) and that included the crowns. They also have a pretty good record of fixing problems after the fact.

    Its not the cost. Its the after effect on your life.

  30. You people make me sick for ripping on people who have dental problems & need help. God I’d hate to run into you kinda people on the street. Your selfish people.
    I myself am getting dentures thanks to Medicaid & no they do cover them, I should know mine I’m getting next week at 3600 a plate. So don’t listen to these morons. I’m 27 and have dentures from pure dumb luck on bad teeth, my hole family does & has growing up. I’m not pretty either let me tell you I had
    What dentists call shark teeth, multiple layers and excessive teeth. I have ssi, so my plan is to find a discount plan to help me with mini implants down the road, so there is very much so less expensive options. My minis cost total 10,000 all said and done with new denture, minis, ect. So save up its gonna be cheaper or get a loan like I did to have my teeth pulled. I had to pay 853.00 to be put to sleep. I did and still do what I have to do. Each mini implant can run as little as 500 bucks up to 800 at most. They are just as good as the 3500.00 full size implant. Good luck.

  31. Andrea is right if you have Medicaid they pay for partials and full dentures, fillings, crowns,cleanings, etc. They do not pay for inplants or cosmetic dentristry. I have a medical condition that destroys your teeth and also can’t wear dentures but because I am on medicaid I will have to be toothless because medicaid will not cover the inplants that I am not even sure I can have because I may not have enough bone to support them so I will look lovely with no teeth. It upsets me to have to live my life without teeth I wish something could be done.

  32. I have severe receding gums. I have dentures. I am disabled. When I was going to the clinic, they told me I needed dentures, because of the receding gums. They also told me that later which is now, i would need dental total implants because the dentures would not be able to hold anymore and that my only way out is to get implants. How, where and who do I get who is good and inexpensive. Please, Please, Please I am in need I help. I need these implants ASAP. Is there any Dentist out there in the area of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to Salisbury, MD. That would and could possibly do this for me at a reasonable rate. I am in real bad need of a dentists help.

  33. I am young man of 26 years old. I have lost my two front rabbit tooth for 3 years now. My insurance will not cover it and has lost faith in smiling. My income is not enough as I am living check to check. I currently wear a flipper and would like some suggestion if anyone knows of any dental place that will accept payments or have any kind of payment plan? Or is out of country the best way? Any suggestions of a particular dentist or dental out of country?

  34. The costs are still too high and are kept unnaturally high ironically by associations and “unions” who have a vested interest in keeping the pricing in line across all “competition”. It doesn’t help that insurance is there in the first place, giving people the false impression that no matter how poor a person is they can afford such bloated pricing especially in today’s economy (sorry Obama, I don’t believe your “recovery” propaganda). My last dentist actually caused my dental problems after my insurance back out in the middle or procedures that he caused the need for (pulpotomy in too long cuz he was too busy..then it finally broke while I was eating. Then he broke two teeth extracting that tooth) .. He did a spotty job cleaning up the mess because he wasn’t getting the pay he thought he was going to get. I probably had a law suit but I never wanted to see his face again. Now though to repair the damage years later I would need to mortgage my life. These procedures need to be more reasonably priced and there needs to be more real competition…so that the few outlets that there are aren’t overbooked the way they seemed to be now. I maybe be angry after reading the posts here..but this is how I feel. Sorry.

  35. Many of the comments that Medicaid won’t pay for dentures or dental work are wrong! It depends on your state. I have Mass Health (from Massachusetts), which is Medicaid. It started paying for dentures in 2015. Massachusetts also has a program called Health Safety Net that gives Medicaid clients further benefits. Health Safety Net will pay for root canals and crowns for front teeth, but only if you are a Mass. resident AND you go to a community health center for the work. They will not pay if you go to your regular dentist. There’s no paperwork to fill out, you should just make an appointment at your community health center and they take care of everything. The Brockton Community Health Center is an example. I qualified for six root canals and crowns (which is all the lower teeth I had left) and then they will make a partial denture for the rest, plus an entire top denture. But act quickly because they could end the program if they run out of money. Be sure to check your state. Many states were forced to add dental coverage to their medicaid plans in 2015! Even if you were turned down last year, things may have changed! Good luck everyone. I hope that all of you end up with beautiful smiles!

  36. I just have been reading the posts here and I have a couple of points to make for the people that for some reason can’t imagine certain situations.
    I need implants. I have Systemic Sclerosis and my teeth started shattering, abcessing and this during the year I was to celebrate living 10 years without major damage to my internal organs or dropping dead from a stroke or heart attack.
    I currently have 5 abcesses and my immune system has tanked and we have been trying to defeat a thrush infection that I’ve had for 6 months now.
    So my point is being disabled is just the 1st hurdle, the health problems and the corporate pirates called insurance companies don’t care that not everyone can just pop in a set of dentures. My condition doesn’t have the luxury of risking sores or raw areas of the gum that can get infections because my immune system is too weak to keep it from turning into a nightmare.
    So it’s not so cut and dry for some of us.
    So while this nightmare continues, teeth continue to shatter, tearing holes in my digestive system and poisoning my blood. I can’t do anything about it until I clear up a simple yeast infection.
    I have had several dentists say they would do anything for me…only to just fade into “your situation is just too complicated”.
    This whole system is flawed and I have full coverage both health and dental that is going to do nothing to fix my problem not caring that it could ultimately kill me.

  37. I’m not asking for help. Just want to comment. I hope the person who said 99% of dental problems are preventable read these accounts. I’ll add mine: I had radiation and chemotherapy 7 years ago for throat cancer which just ruined my teeth. Then a year ago the throat cancer returned so I had different chemo drugs and surgery. They had to break several teeth during the surgery. During that time I also had breast cancer which was like a stubbed toe compared to the throat problems. So more surgery and radiation. So for 7 years I’ve also had dry mouth which has also caused more tooth loss. I can’t chew at all, but that’s not a problem because I am still learning how to swallow and haven’t eaten or drank anything since November. November 2nd, 2015. I’m also in therapy to be able to move my neck and back.
    But I’m feeling pretty good because I’m feeling better each day. They eradicated all of the cancer! And for the first time since 3rd grade, I don’t think I’m fat!
    But, my teeth, or rather lack of teeth, has been quite a bummer. It has literally diminished my smile, outwardly and inwardly, deeply to my soul.
    This happy-go-lucky social butterfly morphed into a sluggish hermit crab. But not forever!
    Thanks to my sister I’m going to Mexico for a smile as soon as I can get rid of gum infections. Happy day! Seriously, though, dental and vision and hearing care should be integral parts of basic health insurance.

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