International Dental Center PV in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Please introduce yourself. Hi, I am a 37 years old dentist, I happily live in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico where the beach and mountain merge like not better place. My name is Alberto Hernandez Figueroa, I started my dental practice at International Dental Center PV about 12 years ago. I graduated near the top of … Read more

Dental Care Playacar in Playa del Carmen

This interview is part of our ongoing series on dental tourism. Check out this page for more interviews with patients and dentists. Please introduce yourself. DR. NELSON OMAR CISNEROS RAMÍREZ I studied at the University Cuauhtémoc in the city of San Luis Potosi México Active Member and scientific council of the CNDN (National College of … Read more

Mini Dental Implants Cost & Prices Paid

Traditional dental implants are widely regarded as being the ‘gold standard’ for replacing missing teeth, but they are not suitable for everyone. Costs can be high, particularly when multiple implants are required. In some cases, mini dental implants may be a good alternative. They are narrower and cheaper than conventional implants and the process to … Read more

Dental Flipper Teeth: Cost & Benefits

Replacing a tooth that has been lost to trauma or disease is not a quick process. Often the extraction site will need time to heal, and if the tooth is to be replaced with a dental implant, additional procedures such as bone or soft tissue grafts may be required. This can mean going without a permanent … Read more

Dentures: Complete Guide to Types, Costs & Benefits

Dentures have been one of the most popular solutions for replacing missing teeth for decades. This guide outlines the different types of dentures, including how much they cost and the advantages and drawbacks of each. We hope this will help you decide what option is best for your situation. In This Guide How much do … Read more